Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Failed States

Somalia tops list of world’s most unstable nations.

“One of the biggest declines in this year’s index is registered by Bangladesh, now in 12th place. According to the report, a feuding, deadlocked government, the imposition of emergency rule last year, and the devastation wrought by a cyclone last November that left 1.5m people homeless combined to reverse much of the country’s recent economic progress.”

What do you know? The Philippines had these symptoms for decades.

Tragedy in the Country

The Philippines is disaster-prone being located in the Pacific rim of fire (earthquake and volcanic eruptions) and typhoon belt (about 20 typhoons every year).

In 1978, the inter-agency National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) was established under Presidential Decree 1566. NDCC has a comprehensive disaster management framework, which includes mitigation, preparedness, response, and rehabilitation.

Because of inadequate resources, actual performance falls short of expectations in the above areas.

The Kidnapped and the Negotiator

Its a bit of a stretch and unfair to think that elements (or pro-war factions) in the government will stage the kidnapping of Ms. Ces Drillon & party; and then frame (or set up) Senator Legarda when she becomes the ‘negotiator’ to free the hostages.
A possible scenario of what happened: Ces Drillon pushed it to the edge; they were snatched for ransom money; fair lady-senator entered/was called to negotiate (remember she did it seven? times before this latest incident) and saw another opportunity; PNP found mayor & company were involved; doubts on lady-senator emerged.